Retailers have welcomed the national launch of new technology aimed at reducing the time victims and witnesses of crime spend giving evidence in court.

The new computer system, called XHIBIT, is being introduced in 101 courts across England and Wales following a successful pilot scheme in London last year. It allows victims of crime and witnesses to track the case they are involved with online or through their mobile phone rather than having to attend court every day of a case.

The government believes the new system will allow police officers to spend less time in court waiting to give evidence and more time patrolling the streets.
United Co-op’s loss prevention manager Paul Winstanley said: “Spending time in court can be very frustrating. It’s time- consuming and, in some cases, a financial burden for retailers who have to be away from their business to deal with people who have stolen from them or caused damage to their stores. “Hopefully, this new technology will help ease the inconvenience and encourage more retailers to take troublemakers to court.”