Cardiff-based independent retailer Bhoo Patel is hopeful of victory in his long-running campaign against the opening of a Tesco Express store, after Cardiff Council revealed that it may re-examine the existing planning permission.

The council has postponed discussions on Tesco's plans to make a number of alterations to the Birchgrove Road site, which is currently occupied by a Majestic Wine store, pending a site visit on November 6.
It has also intimated that it is considering revoking the existing planning permission that allows the site to be operated as retail premises.

The council's change of heart has come about after the Tesco Action Committee, which is made up of concerned residents, local retailers, councillors and local MP Julie Morgan, raised a number of key concerns over the impact a Tesco Express would have on the volume of traffic and road safety in the area.

Tesco has agreed to abide by the findings of a traffic survey commissioned by the action group, which will run alongside a survey to be carried out by Tesco's preferred contractor.

Bhoo said that he expected both surveys to be completed by the end of November. He recognised that if the council was compelled to revoke the planning consent as a result of the findings, it could be faced with a hefty compensation bill. However, he claimed that if the findings were damning for Tesco then he believed the multiple would walk away.

Bhoo said: "Ours is a desire to sustain our community and the diversity of choice we already have and enjoy."