Convenience stores could have their work cut out for them if predictions by futurologists commissioned by global retail giant Amazon come to pass.

The ShopTheFuture report by Anne Lise Kjaer and William Higham forecasts “big changes” in the food of the future.

People will change what and how they consume as they become increasingly sensitive to what they are putting in their bodies, and the impact it has on the world around them, the report says.

It cites the rise in veganism, which has soared by more than 360% over the past decade, according to the Vegan Society.

Kjaer writes: “Food consumption and production is under transformation and is diversifying.”

Higham adds that many foodstuffs are becoming scarcer and society is looking into the environmental effects of rearing animals.

Kjaer predicts food shopping will become based on “personalised diets” through food plans and meal subscriptions based on blood samples, or “nutrigenomics”, where a smart app tells an individual what food to eat based on their DNA sequence.

Higham believes insects will take centre stage in the diet of the future, including in ready meals, ushering in new specially-developed cutlery designed to help us eat this largely untried foodstuff.

He also sees a future where everyone has ‘at-home hydroponic farms’ allowing them to grow a vast array of fruit and vegetables in their homes.

Kjaer says creativity and crafting our own products will be central to the lifestyle of the future.

“We no longer define ourselves simply by what we own, but rather by what we create and the experiences we have,” he writes.