A South East business crime reduction partnership has reported remarkable results in fighting crime and recovering stolen stock.

The Brighton and Hove Crime Reduction Partnership, which boasts more than 500 members, has mobilised to recover almost £18,000-worth of stolen stock over the past four months.

The partnership was recently awarded a distinction by the Association of Business Crime Partnerships.

Partnership manager Lisa Perretta said there had been an increase in businesses looking for crime prevention training in the past 12 months. “People used to think it was the police or local authority’s job, but they now realise there have been cuts and are starting to take ownership,” she said. “Stores are sharing information, looking at images of common offenders and being more vigilant.”

Participants maintain constant contact through a walkie-talkie system that enables them to warn each other and local authorities of suspicious activity. Some retailers have reported a 20% reduction in stock theft since they joined the scheme.