Budgens is set to introduce 60 new lines to its premium own brand range Discover the Taste, taking the total number of lines to over 120.

So far this year 33 lines have been launched, including yogurt ranges, pre-packed cooked meats and pre-packed salads. By the end of the year 60 products will have been launched in a number of areas, including fresh pasta, quiches, savouries, party food, deli, salad, vegetables, speciality cheese, biscuits, breakfast cereals, coffee, cream, chilled ready meals, meat, fish and cakes.

Budgens retail director John Pattison said: “With the plethora of choice in the convenience sector, it is essential for retailers to have the right range for their shoppers.

“In Budgens, where a significant proportion of shoppers are more affluent members of society, the Budgens Discover the Taste range is driving footfall for retailers whilst meeting the needs of those looking for a piece of affordable luxury in their shop. With the margins that own brand provides, it is an opportunity Budgens is investing heavily in to ensure retailers can benefit.”

Highlights in the range include a flavoursome dry aged 21-day matured British sirloin steak, a Welsh rack of lamb which is hand-scored by Budgens’ butchers, and the new piccolo tomatoes - a variety of cherry tomato grown in England for their supreme sweetness, aroma and flavour.