More than one-third of c-store retailers are still to decide how to vote in the EU referendum on 23 June, according to a poll commissioned by C-Store.

The survey, carried out by HIM Research & Consulting, found that Brexit was the most popular option (37%) among the 100 respondents, while only 25% will vote to remain in the UK. But with 36% undecided and 98% intending to vote, the results are far from conclusive.

Despite respondents’ preference for Brexit, they were also more likely to agree (34%) that consumers would be better off if the UK remains in the EU, with only 25% disagreeing.

Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that the cost of a weekly shop would rise by almost 3% if Britain left the EU. A vote to leave would add £123 a year to the average family’s food and drink bill, he said at a recent visit to a West London Asda.

For further details of the survey results and retailers’ views, see our next print issue (3 June).