Booker shareholders have approved the acquisition of Makro UK at the group’s general meeting earlier today (Monday July 2).

The deal, worth £139.7m, was announced in May and includes all 30 Makro UK sites. The acquisition is expected to be completed on Wednesday July 4.

Premier retailer Jai Singh of Singh’s Premier in Sheffield welcomed the deal. “It shows that despite all of the competition out there, that the business is still doing well and looking to grow,” he said.

He added that the deal would improve aspects of the Booker service. “Given their size, Makro depots are better set up for deliveries, so I expect that the Booker delivery service will benefit from this,” said Jai. “Makro also has a better range so that can only be good for retailers.”

There had been some concern from Booker shoppers over Makro’s customer policy but these fears have been allayed. “The last thing you want to do is see your own customers in the same depot as you,” added Jai. “But Booker has made it clear that this won’t be happening.”

According to a Booker spokeswoman, “existing arrangements will continue” and Makro customers won’t be able to shop in Booker depots.