Booker has pledged to maintain independent retailers’ margins on both Euro Shopper and Happy Shopper price marked products (PMPs) when VAT jumps to 20% on January 4. 

The wholesaling giant, which also recently announced the addition of two new soft drinks under the Euro Shopper brand, will drop its wholesale selling prices to ensure that retailers’ profits are left unscathed.

However, the prices will only be guaranteed until March 1 2011.

Retail sales director Steve Fox said Booker was committed to helping its customers operate a profitable businesses.

“Independent retailers will be able to keep the same POR as they did before the change on all our Euro Shopper and Happy Shopper products. 

“The VAT change will be a busy time for our customers and we want to make their lives a little easier on own-brand price marked packs. By holding the profits, we are hoping to give our customers a great start to the New Year,” he said.

Store owners will have a four-week window after the changeover date to amend shelf labels, but they are required to display a notice informing customers that prices advertised may differ from those charged at the counter.