Booker has posted another set of positive results, with total sales in the last quarter up 16.3% on the same period last year and full year sales up 17.3% at £4.7bn.

Booker like-for-like total sales excluding Makro were 1.9% higher, with non-tobacco like-for-likes up 3.4% in the 12 weeks to 28 March.

Booker Wholesale also achieved its best ever customer satisfaction scores in the quarter, while customer numbers were up and sales were in line with expectations, chief executive Charles Wilson said.

Excluding Makro, Booker’s total sales in the 52 weeks to 28 March were up by 2.1%.  Like-for-like non-tobacco sales rose by 4.4%, however, like-for-like tobacco sales fell by 1.7%. 

Profits for the 52 weeks to 28 March remained “in line with expectations”.

The retail business had also made “solid progress”, added Steve Fox, Booker sales director for retail.

“We re-launched Premier which has delivered some fantastic results for our existing retailers and also attracted new members,” he said. 

“We also launched Family Shopper and have continued with our very successful and popular 40% POR promotion. The outlook remains challenging, however we remain focussed on increasing choice, lowering prices and improving our service.”