A string of cutting-edge energy reduction measures are helping Bargain Booze retailers to achieve an average 41% reduction in their annual energy bills, equivalent to £5,000 a year.

In addition to low-energy and LED lights and back-room sensors, some of the 100 test stores have also introduced innovative new lower-energy refrigeration units which catch wasted refrigerated air before allowing it to re-enter the airflow. “These substantially reduce the workload of the fridge, power consumption and carbon emissions,” Bargain Booze commercial director Mark Crabtree told Convenience Store. “In really busy stores this type of system is much better than chiller doors, which are continuously being opened and closed, allowing the cold air to escape into the ether.”

Light sensors have also been installed in windows so that in-store lighting is adjusted depending on natural light levels.

Following the success of the first wave of installations, Bargain Booze is now encouraging all of its franchisees to sign up to the scheme.

If changes were made across the Bargain Booze portfolio, savings could total more than £3m annually, Crabtree added.

Retailers are also able to view and control their store’s energy usage remotely via the internet, allowing a much greater degree of flexibility.

Crabtree added: “We are always looking for ways to help our franchisees by supporting them to reduce overheads. The challenge is to identify solutions that deliver the best savings for the total cost.”

Retailers looking to save money on their business energy and gas bills should take a look at C-Store’s utilities savings scheme. To find out what you could save, go to http: convstore.udswitchit.co.uk/electricandgas.aspx.