Spar Longton (5)

Spar Longton was the second site to be added to the Hunt estate back in 1960 but this store is the epitome of a modern retail business that combines the disciplines of a managed store along with the flexibility of an independent retailer.

The store underwent a redesign which cost over £400,000, and as part of this, they invested heavily in new state of the art fridges to be more efficient and hold more stock at the same time. They have been able to increase their chilled selection in this area by 27% and overall they have more than doubled the range of products they offer in store compared to “really meet the demand of the modern customer and the local community”.

Introduced as part of the refit, the butchery counter has reaped dividends. The store’s monthly meat sales have topped £5,600 by adding in a butcher’s counter, which is a 10x increase over the previous year.

The store uses three local fresh suppliers and they have seen a 68% increase in sales, topping £1,500 per week. Furthering the local offering, it has added a local bread baker and milk dairy farm to help increase bread and milk sales by 30% to £3,000 per week.

Combining the best of both worlds, the team has included an independent ice cream company which has had an impactful 165% increase in ice cream sales taking them to £800 per week.

With the local community in mind, the team purchased the local post office and relocated it into the store, making the flower cards and gifting a central feature in the store. They have seen a 639% increase in their cards and gifting with weekly sales of £3,200 and a 1,342% increase in flower sales to £2,900 per week.

All these factors have helped contribute to a 30% sales increase year-on-year while basket spend is up on last year from £7.43 to an average of £8.61 and footfall has increased from 5,093 to 6,487.

With a store this size, having the right staff is vital and the team are committed to investing in young talent in store with a trainee manager program and butcher training to help the next generation succeed and progress through the business.