Asda has been fined £18,000 for allowing mice to mess in chocolate at its Clapham Junction store in South London.
Shoppers called in council food safety inspectors in June 2005 after store managers ignored complaints that mice were eating chocolate on its shelves. Inspectors found chocolate with nibble marks and other products covered in mouse droppings and urine, as well as a dead mouse in the bakery and patches of dirt and scattered food debris.
An Asda spokesman said it had since invested more than £3m in pest prevention.
The chain also faces a hefty fine for selling out-of-date food at Welsh stores in Cardiff Bay, Cardiff Gate and Coryton.
It is on trial for 54 public health and hygiene offences after trading standards officers found a range of products past their sell-by dates.
Asda denied the charges and told Cardiff magistrates that it took necessary steps to prevent the items being on sale. Trading standards lawyer Lee Reynolds said documents which recorded when out-of-date products are found were not passed on to head office.
The court will reconvene on April 5.