Wine Innovations is offering retailers the option of selling ‘wine to go’ goblets in their own customised branded packaging.

The decision to offer an ‘own brand’ option follows the success of an existing own brand arrangement with Marks & Spencer, who currently use Wine Innovations’ patented packaging process to seal their Froglet grab-and-go wine product.

The option of using custom branding is now being offered to all customers placing orders over 1000 litres. Customers opting for an ‘own label’ order will be provided with cutting guides for their designers to work from.

For volumes over 10,000 litres, customers can also arrange for the branded glasses to be filled with bespoke wine blends. This gives large volume customers an opportunity to truly differentiate themselves from the crowd.

Wine Innovations Ltd managing director James Lambert said: “We are very pleased to offer this to our customers, as it affords them a unique opportunity to add value to a given brand. Obviously the stand-out example is how well this has worked with M&S, but many smaller customers have enjoyed the same benefits.”

Lead time for own brand labeling is expected to be 12 weeks from the point of order. For bespoke blends, this lead time may increase, depending on where the wine is to be sourced from.

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