Kingsland Drinks’ range of premium quality British wine, Willow & Stone, has added a red (rrp £3.99) and 2.25L rosé bag-in-box (rrp £11.99).

The full range now comprises a still rosé (bottle and bag-in-box) white and red and a rosé and white fizz. 

David Gill, master of wine, says: “Willow & Stone is proof that the British wine category can offer fantastically well-priced products without compromising on quality. British wine is too often seen as the poor relation to English wine but this couldn’t be further from the truth, the reality is that they are completely different entities. As an MW for many years I am proud to say that Willow & Stone out performs other brands in the British category and stands alone without needing to ‘borrow’ the glory of English wine. This range will play a considerable role for those seeking well-priced all-rounders in a range of styles.”