The HIM research backs up Accolade Wine’s assertion that US wine is the convenience shopper’s favourite. The top three brands are all produced across the Atlantic, while Aussie high-flyers Hardys and Jacob’s Creek follow closely behind.

Mayur Patel of Saxon Fields Stores in Andover says Echo Falls is his best seller, driven by a ‘two for £10 deal’, followed by Gallo in a ‘two for £12 deal’. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s red, white or rosé, they all sell equally well in the top-selling brands,” he adds.

Simon Biddle, whose top seller is Blossom Hill, says it is a brand people have known for a few years. “But the younger generation are going for Gallo, Lindemans and Jacob’s Creek, especially pinots.”

The Lindemans brand is in 19% value growth in convenience (Nielsen), says Treasury Wine Estates.

top-selling brands

Blossom Hill 82%

Echo Falls 77%

Gallo Family Vineyards 61%

Hardys 53%

Jacob’s Creek 48%

Kumala 12%

Lindemans 11%

Stowells 10%

Spar Wines 8%

Oyster Bay 6%