Foster’s leads a tight lager, beer and stout category, just ahead of Carlsberg and Stella Artois.

“Stella is without a shadow of doubt our biggest seller - I sell about 20 cases a week - followed by Foster’s. Own brand also does well,” says Ramesh Shingadia.

Stella is also number one for Mark Johnson of Celebrations Off Licence in Stockport, Cheshire, followed by Foster’s and then Carling.

Ian Mitchell of The Village Stores, near Ayr, says Tennents (16%) outsells all other brands for him, followed by Foster’s. With all three retailers, Foster’s is the common link.

Worth more than £360m, Foster’s has benefited from a number of recent launches, including bottled-format Foster’s Gold and Foster’s Radler, a new 2% lager cut with cloudy lemon juice.

top-selling brands

Foster’s 74%

Carlsberg 67%

Stella Artois 66%

Carling 55%

Budweiser 39%

Kronenbourg 1664 24%

Tennents 16%

Guinness 14%

Heineken 11%

John Smith’s 11%