Somerset-based craft cider maker, Sheppy’s, is celebrating its 200th anniversary with the launch of Old Conky cider.

Old Conky not only marks two centuries of Sheppy’s, its name is also a nod to the first Duke of Wellington, whose title originates from the famous Somerset town close to where Sheppy’s produces its premium cider - Wellington.

Famed for his victory at the Battle of Waterloo, the ‘Iron Duke’ was also sometimes affectionately known as Old Conky, thanks to his rather conspicuous nose.

Sheppy’s will launch Old Conky at Craft Beer Rising - a celebration of craft and artisanal beers, and ciders, on February 26 - 27. Sheppy’s are the official cider partner at the event, which is being held at The Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, London - and where they are sponsoring the Lost In Cyder Space zone.

Sheppy’s managing director and head cider maker David Sheppy said: ”This year is a very special year for Sheppy’s. And what better way to celebrate our bicentenary than by doing what we do best - producing a premium quality craft cider that honours six generations of cider making. We have thought very carefully about the name for our bicentenary cider - and felt that Old Conky was a fitting tribute to that heritage - and one that we hope will live on for another 200 years.”