A new 440ml can multi-pack has been introduced for Thatchers Haze Cider.

Somerset cidermaker Thatchers is now rolling out the new 10-can pack format to a number of major retailers where it will be on shelf in January 2018.

The 4.5%, naturally cloudy cider, is punching above its weight in terms of growth, currently out-performing all other cloudy ciders in the Off-Trade. Thatchers Haze has seen its 440ml can 4-pack grow by +257% over the last year.

Fourth generation cidermaker Martin Thatcher said: “Cloudy cider has been one of the biggest trends of the last two years, and we expect that trend to continue across both the On and Off-Trades throughout 2018.

“Thatchers Haze has established itself as a must-stock brand in the cider fixture and creating a 10-pack is a natural progression to ensure that our customers are stocked up to enjoy at home.

“With Thatchers Haze we have used dessert apples to create lighter, fruity flavours combined with the quality of a traditional cider. In a market where consumers are looking to trade-up to premium brands, Thatchers Haze offers a truly innovative cider that has been developed from our cidermakers’ knowledge of how apple varieties work together to create different characters and styles of cider.”

Thatchers Haze is crafted from Discovery, Falstaff, Gala and Jonagold eating apples to create its crisp, sweet finish. All importantly it’s the juice of the Jonagold apple that gives the cider its all-natural haze.

Apple continues to be the dominant flavour within the cider sector, accounting for 68.7% of the market’s volume sales in the off trade, with the can pack format now the only mainstream cider pack format in growth, and can 10-packs growing at +25.9% YoY.