Ibiza Ice, a lower calorie premium sparkling wine with natural flavours, is set to enter the UK market.

Ibiza Ice fuses sparkling wine with all-natural fruit flavours to create a lower-calorie alternative to traditional wines, champagnes and flavoured ciders (RRP £1.99 - £2.99 for a 330ml bottle).

With an ABV of 5.5%, Ibiza Ice is available in two variants: White Isle (sparkling lychee, melon and lime) and Sunset (sparkling pomegranate).

With a target market of conscious, perceptive and cool consumers between the ages of 20 and 30, the drink sets itself apart from other alcoholic bottled drinks by declaring all its ingredients on the bottle.

Ibiza Ice has experienced worldwide growth since 2014, achieving major listings in markets from Germany, Holland and Belgium to China and South Korea.

With €500,000 in marketing spend allocated for the UK in 2017, Ibiza Ice is forecast to exceed £2 million in sales over the next two years.