Heineken 0.0 is being launched in response to the growing consumer trend towards reduced alcohol consumption.

The beer is being supported by a £2.5m marketing investment to address the key category consumption barriers: taste perception and social stigmatism.

Recent research has shown that whilst 50% of people now say they moderate their alcohol consumption – a figure that is growing every year – only 47% of shoppers are satisfied with the existing beer offering in the UK market (IPSOS Research All LAD) and are looking for a trusted global premium brand to enter this segment with a better tasting product (Davis McKerr Qualitative Research June 2016).

Heineken 0.0 contains just 69 calories per bottle and offers refreshingly fruity notes and soft malty body, which is balanced with a short after-taste.

David Lette, premium brands director at Heineken, said: ”With a high purchase intent (Davis McKerr Qualitative Research June 2016), Heineken 0.0 will not only drive frequency with current beer drinkers, but also bring new shoppers to the category by attracting health-conscious younger consumers who are drinking less or abstaining altogether, by delivering a great-tasting beer from a brand that they’re proud to be seen with.”

Heineken 0.0 will be launching in two SKUs to meet key occasions – the 4x330ml bottle (RSP £3.25) for ‘planned social occasions’ and a 6x330ml can pack (RSP £4.50) for the ‘casual night in.’