Eisberg has added a sparkling white and rosé to their range, allowing customers to enjoy a glass of fizz without the alcohol.

Sparkling will only 33 (rosé) and 31 (white) calories per 125ml serving respectively and no more than 0.05% alcohol.

The Halewood Wines & Spirits-owned brand has introduced the new sparkling Eisberg to provide grown up, alcohol-free alternatives to celebratory drinks, such as Champagne and Prosecco. Packaged in a corked Collio bottle, traditionally used in Italy, they still provide the theatre and sense of occasion consumers associate with their alcoholic counterparts.

Andrew Turner, director of Wine at Halewood Wines & Spirits, said: “Sparkling wines are the ‘go to’ for UK wine drinkers when marking an occasion, and now, there is no need for those cutting down or abstaining from alcohol to feel left out.

“Our winemakers have taste tested the product extensively pre-launch, to ensure the fresh and fruity quality of Prosecco remains, even after the alcohol has been gently removed.”