Hiver Beers Ltd, The Honey Beer, has just launched a crowdfunding campaign looking to raise £350,000.

The company is offering 8% equity through Crowdcube to accelerate the growth of the business through investment in a new annual marketing campaign supporting our off-trade customers and driving rate of sale; a second retail site; and its sales and marketing team.

Hiver’s range of beers uses honey in the fermentation process, rather than as a sweetener at the end, delivering a distinctively refreshing character which makes Hiver so drinkable.

The range comprises Hiver The Honey Beer, a 4.5% ABV Blonde Beer; Hiver The Honey Ale, a 4.5% ABV Brown Ale; and Hiver The Honey IPA, a 4.9% ABV IPA.

Hiver’s crowdfunding campaign opens on 12 September 2017.