Gifting is a huge untapped opportunity in convenience. It does not necessarily require a huge amount of time or effort to create an offer – with a few simple tweaks to your existing range and merchandising you can provide a credible offer ready for your customers.

Each year HIM speaks to 28,000 convenience store shoppers to understand what they are buying and why. As many as 27% of c-store shoppers say that they would buy a gift for a friend, partner or family member from a c-store – meaning that there is a demand for a gifting offer – but only 4% of convenience shoppers interviewed were actually buying something as a gift for someone else.

Female shoppers of all ages are most likely to be buying a gift, and the majority of gift shoppers make their purchases in the evenings and on weekends. The most popular gifting occasion is a birthday. When buying a gift for a birthday or other gifting occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter, 55% buy a card, 31% buy a box of chocolates, 11% buy flowers, 8% buy alcohol such as spirits and liquors, and 4% buy Champagne or wine.

So how do we increase our gifting/celebration sales?

Tips for retailers

Move card/gift displays into a prominent position in-store at the key times (evenings and weekends). At the very least offer a range of cards especially for birthdays and blank cards as a multipurpose solution. Stock quality cards, not cheap cards

Dress up bottles of alcohol with a bow or ribbon during keys events such as Valentine’s and Mother’s Day l Move boxes of chocolates near to bottles of Champagne or flowers to create a gifting zone in-store l Hang gift bags near bottles of wine, Champagne and boxes of chocolates

Have tissue paper for flowers available, and offer to take price tags off for the customer

Offer a gift deal – buy a bottle of wine/Champagne and get a box of chocolates at half price.