C-Store Champion Trudy Davies explains how she prepares for special occasions

Trudy events

Why is it so important to get involved and celebrate events like the coronation?

Whether you’re a royalist or not, it’s just a way of getting together and sharing your enjoyment because lord knows there’s not a lot about lately is there? What with the [cost of living] crisis and the pandemic et cetera. So I just think it’s just a good way of the community joining together and having a celebration, it just bonds us together.

How far in advance do you start thinking about and preparing for events like this?

I’ve got a planogram on the wall and I put every event that there is in the calendar. We’ve been thinking about the Coronation since Christmas - we knew it was going to come … you just jot a few notes down so that you’ve got a head start.

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How are you creating a sense of excitement in store?

We’ve decorated the outside of the store with bunting and we’ll be putting red white and blue balloons on my tree outside the door. The team has helped put together a window display with royal magazines, partywear and food. 

I’m also hoping to have some kind of giveaway and cake sampling on Saturday, or maybe even on the Monday.

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What themed stock have you got?

When we know there’s an event coming up, we get more stock in, but we do keep a lot of party wear and things like that in stock anyway. Things like Union Jacks, Welsh flags, Scottish flags and Irish flags and bunting because people celebrate all year round - St David’s Day, St. George’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, plus on top of that you’ve got all the other different celebrations like carnivals and things. We just gear it up a peg or two for the coronation or special events.

If someone was unsure of whether they’d sell a lot of union jack stuff, you can have colour themes. If you get napkins in in different colours, people will buy red, white and blue and mix them, so actually you’re selling three packs instead of one!

Woosnam & Davies Sweets

Are you doing anything outside of the store to celebrate the event?

I’ve given some packs of pick ‘n’ mix to the village next door to me. They’re having a street party so the sweets are being given to the children. 

We also give out raffle prizes here, there and everywhere for people who are having get-togethers. 

Earlier this week, I went out for a special themed afternoon tea with the Royal British Legion ladies to celebrate and I’m doing the Coronation Challenge where you walk three miles a day for the month of May and all funds raised go to the Royal British Legion. I do it more for the awareness of the charities, rather than the money.

Trudy Royal British Legion Coronation tea

How does your business benefit from celebrating events?

Obviously our basket spend will go up because of people buying bunting, tablecloths and napkins, and they’re also buying sweets and lots more cakes. But it’s not just the actual money that you take in the till. It’s about the feelgood factor for your customers. In our shop, they know that if there’s something to celebrate, we celebrate it genuinely. And it’s not all about sell, sell, sell, it’s just to have a good time in our community and bring a little bit of joy to everybody.

With the in-store theatre and the displays and things, if you start a month before, just little by little by little and build it up. And then everybody - even the ones that aren’t wanting to join in - get involved. I’ve had people come in just to buy one flag, just to feel as if they’re joining in.

Woosnam & Davies Fathers Day

What’s the next event you have planned?

Well, in July we’ve got the town carnival, so that will be going great guns. 

And of course you’ve got Father’s Day as a national day in June. And it’s not just about fathers, but men in your life that enhance it. You don’t have to be a father to be a good influence.