Ubamarket has added a new function to its app to enable consumers to identify environmentally-friendly products.

The shopping app, which was rolled out nationwide in 2018, allows customers to complete their food shopping using their phone, scan and find products and collect loyalty points in-store.

The ‘plastic alerts’ display the plastic content of all scanned items, allowing customers to choose a more environmentally-friendly alternative.

Research carried out by Ubamarket found that almost half (42%) of the British public want to be more environmentally conscious, but feel they do not know enough about recycling and plastic pollution to make informed changes, while over a third (36%) stated they would not purchase from retailers and companies that are known to have poor environmental standards around their packaging.

Ubamarket ceo, Will Broome, said: “The issue we are facing at present is the vast amount of plastic pollution that is being produced in the UK. This needs to come to an end and reform needs to happen now.

“We are generating 400,0000 tonnes of plastic waste a year and the solution to this problem is our new ‘Plastic Alerts’ feature. This tells shoppers how much plastic content is in the items they are buying, including if this is recyclable or not.

“It’s categorically unfair to say that consumers feel that their efforts pale in comparison to the waste that is being produced by retailers and supermarkets. The purchasing power is in the hands of consumers and ultimately, they can make more environmentally conscious purchases and our ‘Plastic Alerts’ feature enables them to do so.”