The Scottish Wholesale Association (SWA) is urging its members to participate in the Scottish government’s latest consultation on minimum unit pricing (MUP).

The new consultation is calling on wholesalers to share their views on whether the MUP law should be amended to explain how the legislation should apply to wholesalers with a premises licence.

The MUP legislation was criticised by the SWA and other groups, when it was first introduced in May, for not setting out how the minimum unit pricing law affects trade sales.

The Scottish Government will use responses from the consultation to decide whether a change to the MUP legislation is required.

SWA executive director Kate Salmon said: “In May, we welcomed the announcement by the Scottish government regarding the consultation on minimum unit pricing (MUP) by wholesalers on trade sales and confirmation that sales to persons for the purposes of their trade do not have to comply with MUP where a premises licence is in place.

“Notwithstanding our, and the Scottish government’s view, that this is the correct legal position as it stands, the Scottish Wholesale Association welcomes that the matter will be put beyond doubt by a proposed amendment to the 2012 Act to confirm that trade sales do not have to comply with MUP.”

The consultation, launched earlier this month, will close on October 26. Full details are available on the Scottish government website.