Scottish retailers are being given support to implement voluntary bans on the sale of energy drinks to under 16s.

Scottish NFRN members are to receive in-store posters which explain to customers that they no longer sell the “caffeine packed drinks” to under 16s.

The move comes after delegates at the NFRN’s Scottish Conference last week unanimously agreed that members should be encouraged to refuse sales to under 16s.

Scottish president Rory O’Brien said: “Our members in Scotland pride themselves on retailing responsibly so banning the sale of energy drinks to under 16s is a logical next step.”

The NFRN hopes that a well-adopted voluntary ban could prevent further legislation from being levelled at the retail trade.

The conference motion was put forward by the NFRN’s Aberdeen branch executive and it said: “Conference supports the principle of a voluntary ban on sales of high energy drinks labelled as being “unsuitable for children” to under 16s and recommends all members be made aware of the dangers of such products to young people.”

Proposing the motion, Aberdeen branch member Jim Maitland said: “Independent retail organisations are the only sector of the retail trade not seen to be supporting a voluntary ban on sales of these products.

“We hope that through the adoption of a voluntary ban by NFRN members in Scotland, the need for the introduction of yet another piece of legislation for small retailers to worry about will be avoided.”