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Vape supplier ElfBar has outlined its efforts to shift away from disposable products in response to the government’s proposed ban on single-use vapes, highlighting the essential role that retailers can play in this transition. 

It comes after vape suppliers expressed their frustration over the government’s vape announcement. 

The brand has continued to innovate new rechargeable products into the market, despite Circana’s report of maintained sales of single-use vapes post-announcement.

It launched Elfa Pro - a rechargeable prefilled pod kit - before the ban was proposed. Additionally, Elfbar recently unveiled its new rechargeable vape AF5000, which is TPD compliant and designed to offer up to 5000 puffs.

Speaking to Convenience Store, Angelo Yang associate general manager UK at ElfBar revealed that there are new products in the pipeline: “This reflects only part of our effort to update our product category amid the changing regulatory environment.

“Our alternative devices embody the qualities that contributed to the widespread appeal of our single-use offerings but are available in a rechargeable and reusable format.”

He emphasised the significant role convenience retailers can play in guiding smokers and ex-smokers on their cessation journey to transition from single-use vapes to rechargeable alternatives: “Central to this is customer engagement, introducing them to rechargeable vape starter kits, understanding their preferences and addressing any questions or concerns. As is highlighting key features, including ease of use and communicating waste reduction and cost benefits.

“Additionally, convenience retailers can enhance this educational process by sharing informational materials on the benefits of rechargeable vapes and exploring collaborations with vape brands for joint campaigns to support a positive transition.”

Yang explained that ElfBar will work with retail partners to help ensure vapes are displayed to meet compliance requirements.