A Nisa Local store in Greater Manchester has reopened within hours of suffering an ATM ram raid.

The incident happened at the store on Manor Avenue in the town of Sale at around 1:00am on 14 September.

According to Great Manchester Police, a group of offenders used two flat-bed tipper trucks to steal an ATM cash machine, leaving significant damage to the building. Following a pursuit, one vehicle attempted to ram a police car and a man was arrested.

Store owner Hemant Patel, who runs a number of Nisa stores in the Manchester area, said he felt determined to minimise disruption and completed initial repairs within hours enabling the store to start trading again.

“The ATM room was destroyed and internally the shop wall had shifted, and it had made quite a lot of mess,” he said. “But as soon as the police released the shop back to us, I got my team in and they cleared it, made it structurally safe and the builders went straight to work.

“I lost trading from 7am to 1pm on Saturday but that’s all and by the end of the day the inner skin of the building had been re-built. When adversity like this happens, you can’t mope about it or worry too much, you just need to act fast, have a plan and you can be up and running very quickly if you have the right people around you.

“There are risks in this business, but you need to be prepared and ready to act so that if it does happen to you, you can limit the impact it has on business.”