MADL Pride


Nisa’s Making a Difference Locally (MADL) charity has launched a Pride Pot worth £50,000 to donate through retailers to support LGBTQ+ community groups and charities.

Nisa retailers can access up to £500 of funding per donation with 100 community groups/events and charities set to benefit from the Pride Pot. Retailers will have until June 2024 to utilise the funding pot ensuring donations can be used all year round.

Head of charity at Nisa Kate Carroll said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of the Pride Pot and I’m sure Nisa retailers will make the most of this opportunity to support some really important groups and charities within their communities.

“Nisa retailers play a significant role in supporting local causes across the UK and the Pride Pot is there to benefit the LGBTQ+ community in particular.

Members of the Co-op Respect LGBTQ+ Colleague Network also recently put on an informative Lunch & Learn at the Nisa Partner Support Centre in Scunthorpe with approximately 70 colleagues attending. As part of Pride month (June), there have been many activities going on across Co-op, Nisa and the wider community to raise awareness of the significance of Pride within Nisa.

The charity will be participating at this year’s Hull Pride event on Saturday, 29 July 2023 as part of Nisa’s commitment to be endlessly inclusive and truly represent all the communities Nisa retailers serve.