Nisa’s ’Making a Difference Locally’ collecting tins have raised more than £20,000 for local causes since their launch almost a year ago.

In-store charity tins are now positioned in more than 300 Nisa member stores across the UK, providing additional income for local causes and allowing retailers to fund and support community projects in their area.

The charity tins were launched at Nisa’s annual retail exhibition in April 2017 and have been supported by both retailers and their customers.

Nisa retailer Chris Taylor, owner of Taylor’s of Tickhill in Doncaster, said: “We’re really pleased with how the collecting tins are going in our store. They’re a great way to raise extra funds to donate locally and we have one on each of our three checkouts.

“We’ve just donated £200 from the funds raised from the tins to Tickhill Scout and Guide Association. Not only is it really beneficial to them, but as we will be promoting the donation on social media and in the village magazine, it lets the community know about the store’s charitable work and is great for raising the profile of Making a Difference Locally in the area too.” 

The ’Making a Difference Locally’ initiative was launched by Nisa in 2008 and has raised more than £7.5m to date. More than 2,300 stores now support the scheme.