Marks & Spencer (M&S) has launched a new shopping bag made using recycled plastic in an attempt to help prevent waste.

The reusable bag is made from 75% plastic that has been collected and recycled by social enterprise Plastic Bank, and is set to debut in early November.

Product developer at M&S, Natalie Tate, said: “With more plastic than fish predicted to be in the ocean by 2050, it’s vital that we all take action to minimise plastic waste. We’re reducing the amount of plastic we use as a business and developing smart ways to help our customers reduce the amount of plastic they use.

“This is a strong, sturdy, practical bag to help our customers with their shop, but with the added benefit of reducing poverty and preventing more plastic getting into our seas by turning waste plastic into a tangible and re-usable item.”

Plastic Bank incentivises people in Haiti and the Philippines to collect waste and take it to one of 36 recycling centres in return for a wage, and has recycled the equivalent of over 100 million plastic bottles since opening its first centre in 2014.

Ceo of Plastic Bank, David Katz, said: “M&S has powerfully responded to customer demand for sustainable products and created an immediate impact on the lives of our collectors.

“The M&S team has been incredibly committed to our partnership and thanks to their support, Plastic Bank is empowered to stop more ocean plastic, help more people out of poverty and make responsible production the standard for businesses everywhere. We couldn’t be more pleased to start our journey together.”

The bag is part of M&S’s Plastic Plan, which includes removing 1,000 tonnes of plastic packaging in less than a year and replacing the 75 million pieces of plastic cutlery given out in its stores each year with wood alternatives.

The bag costs £1.30 and will be available across UK stores.