A shift manager for a convenience store in Usk, Wales, has been jailed for taking part in a staged robbery of her own store.

Michelle Williams, 34, told police she had been the victim of the crime while opening the One Stop store and said a man with a crowbar and knife grabbed her from behind and threatened her.

Police carried out a detailed investigation in to the incident which led to the arrest of Williams’ partner, Benjamin Bailey, and a youth. Williams was questioned further by police who became suspicious of her involvement in the crime.

Following advice from the Crown Prosecution Service, Williams, Bailey and the youth were jointly charged with robbery.

Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS Wales Mani Ranauta said: “Michelle Williams had been placed in a position of trust by her employers and she abused that. She not only helped Bailey and the youth but pretended to be a victim, lying to the police.

“The circumstances of the case was unusual, but through the combination of CCTV evidence, forensics, and specialist video analysis the CPS were able to present a strong case resulting in guilty pleas from all three defendants.”

Cash to the value of £2,785.19 was stolen during the robbery. Bailey, Willaims and the youth all pleaded guilty to the offence at Cardiff Crown Court on 21 March.

On April 18, Bailey was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment while Williams received four and a half years’ imprisonment. The youth was ordered to serve an 18 month Detention and Training Order.