Long-serving Costcutter retailers Michelle and Mike Brown have invested in a new refurbishment in a bid to become the group’s flagship store of the North East.

Reopening on 1 December, the Costcutter store in Eston, Middlesbrough, underwent a major refit as part of Costcutter’s Shopper First initiative.

Using data provided by the group’s Shopper First dashboard, the store has introduced a new food to go area, a modern CSG brand format and doubled the size of the fresh food and chilled beer, wines and spirits areas.

The store now also offers services including PayPoint, an ATM machine and the Lottery.

Michelle Brown said: “We’ve introduced an extensive range of convenience products and services including an outstanding new Co-op range, food-to-go, and a huge chilled beers, wines and spirits section, as well as a range of homeware essentials and pet care. We’re working hard to source products from local suppliers, such as scrumptious locally made meals from Jeff the Chef.

“Having owned and run the store for 29 years, we’re thrilled with its new look and it was great to see the reaction of our shoppers on opening day. We worked hard to make sure the store has been redesigned to really meet the needs of the local community and create a fantastic shopping experience.”

Mike and Michelle Brown are Costcutter’s longest-serving retailers, having been part of the group for 29 years.

Costcutter business development director, Jamie Davison, said: “Michelle and Mike hold a special place in our history as our longest serving retailers, having joined the Group back in 1990.

“This has been more than just a refit; the store has been completely transformed, taking data and insight to create a store that really is outstanding, addressing the needs of the local shopper community and ensuring the store will continue to thrive for the next 29 years.”