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A crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising funds for a legal challenge against the government’s announced restrictions on the sale of vapes has surpassed its initial £15,000 target.

This means the money can be used to hire a King’s Counsel Barrister (KC) who can provide legal advice and guidance on how to appropriately challenge the government.

The Vape Protection Alliance (VPA), led by Arcus Compliance and representing a significant group of UK vape businesses, launched the campaign yesterday.

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The initiative aims to ensure sensible regulation for the benefit of millions of smokers who are yet to switch to the significantly safer alternative of vaping.

It comes after the industry criticised the government’s proposed decisions to ban disposable vapes and impose restrictions on flavours in a bid to tackle youth vaping.

On the crowdfunding webpage, Robert Sidebottom managing director of Arcus Compliance wrote: “It is important to note that supporters of this action are not looking to prevent a ban of disposable vape products but to work with the government on sensible measures and timescales to phase them out, ensure former smokers have access to a broad range of flavours, prevent the illegal market from growing any further and to assist the Government in forming more sensible regulations such as putting vape products into a licensing scheme.”

For permission to proceed by the courts, the crowdfunder would need to raise a further £60,000.

Speaking to Convenience Store, Sibebottom said: ”We aim to work collaboratively with the government to phase out disposable vapes over a reasonable timeframe, maintain adult consumer access to a diverse range of flavours, and implement sensible regulations that prioritise public health and industry sustainability in the face of an ever-growing black market of illegal untested disposable vape products.”