Vape supplier Evapo has expressed disappointment at the lack of a vaping retailer licensing scheme in the Labour Party’s manifesto.

It states that the omission is a “missed opportunity to support the NHS, protect children, and stop the criminals that sell to underage consumers”.

“While we applaud the Labour Party’s commitment to improving public health, we are disappointed that their manifesto does not address the need for a licensing scheme for vaping retailers,” said Evapo CEO, Andrej Kuttruf. “A licensing scheme would provide much-needed regulation in our industry, ensuring that consumers have access to safe and effective products from trusted retailers, while stopping criminals from flooding our streets with illegal and possibly dangerous products.”

“We call on the Labour Party to seriously consider the benefits of a vaping retailer licensing scheme,” continued Kuttruf. “It is crucial for the health of our nation that such measures are implemented. We stand ready to work with policymakers to develop and implement a framework that prioritises public health and consumer protection.”

Evapo said it will continue to call for a “common-sense, evidence-based licensing scheme that will protect children, support the NHS, and stop the criminals, without compromising the progress and health benefits experienced by adult smokers who have chosen vaping as a pathway to quit smoking”.