Jisp has reported a 65% increase in retail sales in January 2024 through its Scan & Save app compared to the same period in 2023.

According to its January 2024 performance update, retailers have generated over £4.5m in sales since the launch of its Scan & Save app.

It found that last month’s scan, tap and redemption totals showed a marked improvement of 68%, 77%, and 80% respectively.

The company reported an increase in sales conversion following in-store scanning actions, resulting in more tap and redemption actions and higher retail sales value.

More key findings found that 26% of the apps users now fall into the 18-29 category versus 23% in 2023. The shift has seen 18–29-year-olds overtake the 30-39 age group (22% in 2024) as the app’s most active redeemers. This is in line with Jisp’s strategy which aims to get younger shoppers engaged with the app earlier to build greater loyalty over time.

Shoppers also saw greater benefits in January 2024, with reported savings through the app up 77% on 2023.

Ilann Hepworth managing director of Jisp said: “We always planned for a fast start to 2024. We finished 2023 on a superb upward trajectory and it was important that we maintained that. The cost-of-living crisis continues to bite hard on shoppers’ budgets and it’s clear that they’re looking for value.

“Scan & Save continues to offer the greatest value to shoppers compared to other loyalty reward schemes available. Our top redeemers are saving thousands – not hundreds - per year and earning hundreds more in loyalty rewards. While our retailers experience an increase in sales and footfall, receiving additional margin enhancement, and our brand partners are seeing their products outperform the sector through Scan & Save stores.”