Nisa retailer Rav Garcha is set to introduce a Bitcoin ATM at one of his stores in Worcestershire.

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate and verify the transfer of money. Bitcoin funds are stored independently rather than from a central bank, and the popularity of the currency has grown in recent years. A Bitcoin ATM is an internet machine that allows people to exchange bitcoins and cash.

Rav, who owns three stores in the West Midlands, is looking to introduce the machine at his Nisa Local store in Broadway, Worcestershire, from next month.

He said: “We are planning to install a new Bitcoin ATM machine, which should be open to customers in store from early April. It’s something a little bit different that shoppers won’t expect.

“We’ve noticed from looking online or in the news that quite a few people are switching to electronic currency and we want to make sure that we stay ahead of the trend and offer something niche that will appeal to new customers.”

There are more than 100 Bitcoin ATMs in the UK with most located within the Greater London area, according to