Knight's Budgens Henfield

West Sussex retailer David Knight has sold his Budgens store in Henfield to Sainsbury’s.

The 6,200sq ft store is set to close on Sunday 26 February, with Sainsbury’s taking over the shop. David acquired the store in December 2013. 

“We’ve been approached many times over the years by various retailers but on this occasion it was the right offer,” explained David to Convenience Store. “It’s taken us a few months to reconcile this decision, especially given how much we do in the community but it’s the right thing to do for the business and for our family.”

He said that customers have expressed gratitude for what they’ve done in the area. “We’ve had lots of cards and well wishes since we announced that we were selling the store. It wasn’t an easy decision, given how much we love the community.”

David and his wife Lynette will retain the freehold of the building, allowing them to remain part of the community. They provided huge support for the Henfield community, including helping Henfield Football Club to expand. David said they would honour that commitment and continue to do community work through other areas of their business.

The couple will continue to run Budgens stores in Hassocks and Steyning, with no immediate plans to sell those stores. “We’ll let the dust settle on this decision and focus on our remaining stores.”