Costa Coffee has announced the launch of a new brand identity for its Costa Express self-serve machines.

The new look will be supported by a marketing campaign, running from now until November 4. The campaign will feature the brand’s new slogan, ‘Real milk. Real beans. Real quick’, and will be supported with marketing activity, as well as media partnerships with Daily Mail Online, Metro and Magic FM.

Costa Express self-serve machines are available across the convenience and forecourt channels and are operated in a number of UK offices and a further five international markets.

Costa Express marketing director Kirstey Elston said: “Costa Express has continuously been at the forefront of delivering great coffee to customers on-the-go. Using fresh, high quality ingredients combined with state-of-the-art technology, Costa Express machines confidently provide a great experience and delicious Costa Coffee, when coffee lovers need it most.

“The new visual identity for Costa Express helps highlight and reinforce the coffee quality and expertise -and our multi-faceted marketing campaign is set to reach millions. Costa Express is the perfect choice for those on the go and we’re delighted to help support our mission of bringing better coffee to more people.”

Daniall Nadeem, owner of Nisa Motherwell Road, in Bellshill, Scotland, operates one of the new-look Costa Express machines in his store.

He said: “It’s a fantastic machine and beats the queues that you get in a barista coffee shop. You get customers coming in for it because they trust the brand and know that it is the best coffee around. It’s no exageration to say that some people buy five to six cups at a time!

”It’s not the cheapest coffee around but at £2.30 for a small cup and £2.60 for a large, I would say it’s fair for what people get. When customers want a coffee they think of Costa so for us it’s a win win.”

However, Daniall argued that Costa’s social media presence and the point of sale (POS) material it provides to convenience retailers could be improved.

He added: “Costa don’t tend to do as much social media activity as other brands. We want them to work with us on promotions and I actually put a request in nine weeks ago for some more POS but they still haven’t come back to me. 

“We want to try and drive sales even more so it would be good if the company itself could offer more support to retailers, alongside the quality of their machines.”