The Co-operative group is set to open a new shop on TV programme Coronation Street, following a lucrative product placement deal.

Alongside a branch of Costa Coffee, the Co-op store will be added when the set of the ITV soap is expanded this spring. However, the shop won’t be completely furbished and characters won’t be filmed inside.

The Co-op group and ITV haven’t commented on how much the deal will be worth, but it is the biggest product placement agreement the broadcaster has achieved to date.

Co-op’s customer director Alison Jones said: “Coronation Street is all about community life and the Co-op is a retailer at the heart of local life and being close to the customer, which makes this a perfect match.”

ITV sales director Mark Trinder said: “The expansion of the Coronation Street set has given us a great opportunity to feature branded shop facades as more of Weatherfield is opened up to viewers.

“Incorporating product placement on this scale is something we have wanted to do for some time and we’re delighted with this exciting opportunity. We’ve worked really closely with the Coronation Street team to make sure we’ve got a great brand fit for Co-op and Costa Coffee with the nation’s favourite soap while still ensuring editorial integrity.”