The latest analysis from Circana examines cider and perry in convenience in terms of value sales and market share


Whereas in most categories growth in recent periods is slowing versus the growth over the last 12 months, growth in the cider and perry market is accelerating as BWS performance improves with the cost-of-living pressure easing over the last few months.

Circana Cider and Perry Value Sales Change

However, growth in the cider category is up 3.4% in the last 12 months and 4.2% in the last four weeks, behind growth in Beer and Cider which is up 3.8% in the last 12 months and 4.6% in the last four weeks.

Cider and Perry significantly over trades in symbols and independents, with the channel having a 34% share of the market whereas the channel share is just 26% for beer and lager, making it an important category for the symbols and independent channel.

Circana Cider and Perry Channel Share Change

However, symbols and independents are losing share of the cider market, down 0.5PP in the latest 12 months vs last year and 0.8PP in the latest four weeks vs last year, mirroring the general trend across food categories, meaning symbols and independents aren’t fully capitalising on the resurgence of the cider market.

What’s next for Cider?

We’re hitting the summer soon so there is an expectation that customers will be looking for cider more often. There’s been some significant innovation in the category with a combination of new flavours hitting the market from major players like Heineken, and a move towards heritage with products like Henry Westons Vintage Pear. Retailers with the space would do well to add in some NPD to their cider fixture and signpost to customers to attract thirsty shoppers looking for something different to the category.