Tough new restrictions on advertising alcohol on TV, radio and in stores are being called for after a UK study claimed that millions of children as young as four were subjected to alcohol marketing during this summer's football World Cup.

The survey by Alcohol Concern reports that the total number of children exposed to alcohol adverts during the World Cup could have been as high as five million when taking all the live games into account.

The charity is calling for a ban on alcohol marketing on TV and radio before 9pm, a total ban on alcohol marketing or sponsorship on the internet, on billboards and at sports or music events, and for a sixth of all alcohol adverts to be government health messages.

Alcohol Concern chief executive Don Shenker said there was a direct link between alcohol advertising and higher levels of drinking among young people.

The plans were slammed by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association which says they are not supported by evidence. Chief executive Jeremy Beadles said: "The truth is that advertising restrictions would hit the pockets of millions of consumers and threaten the livelihoods of thousands of people."