A West Sussex retailer has increased his turnover by 20% and attracted global attention after introducing an eye-catching wine home delivery service.

Since launching the ‘Winebulance’ van service in March this year, Andy Short has seen wine sales grow by 30% at his Selsey Off Licence store in Selsey near Chichester.

“The whole idea was to increase the presence of the shop on the high street, increase the number of deliveries and ultimately increase footfall into the shop,” he said.

“We started off by doing about four or five deliveries a week, now we deliver four or five times a day.”

Winebulance has “exploded” on social media, with a photo of the van having gained over 200,000 shares on websites such as Facebook.

Such is the international interest in Winebulance that Andy has copyrighted the brand, and to date businesses in Tamworth and Majorca have paid to use the logo – with the strapline Stay calm! Wine is here! – under licence.

Andy provides a wine menu in the format of an Indian takeaway and sells winebulance merchandise in store, including t-shirts and baseball caps. He promotes the service aggressively on Facebook, and the brand has become so recognised that people stand by the van every day to have their photo taken next to it, he says.