Proposals for a 50p minimum unit price for the sale of alcohol in Wales have been published for consultation.

The Welsh Government estimates that introducing a 50p minimum unit price would be worth £882m to the Welsh economy over 20 years in terms of reductions in illness, crime and workplace absence.

Deputy minister for health Vaughan Gething said: “This new draft Bill signifies our firm commitment to use our legislative powers to improve and protect the health of the people of Wales.

“Evidence shows that introducing minimum unit price of 50p per unit would be effective in reducing alcohol consumption, alcohol-related harms and the costs associated with those harms. It will save lives, reduce rates of crime, help ensure valuable NHS resources are used wisely and help businesses by reducing absence from the workplace.

“Minimum unit pricing will affect those drinks sold at an unacceptably low prices relative to their alcohol content. This is a particularly well-targeted measure as it will only have a small impact on moderate drinkers and have the biggest impact on high-risk drinkers.”

The consultation on the draft Public Health (Minimum Price for Alcohol) (Wales) Bill will run until December 11 2015.

Access the consultation here.