Retailers are being warned to guard against counterfeit bottles of Glens Vodka which contain dangerously high levels of methanol.
The warning follows the seizure of fake bottles by trading standards officers in England, Scotland and Wales.
Genuine Glen's Vodka 70cl can be easily identified as it comes in a bottle supplied only by Allied Glass Containers, with a small AGC logo on the base. These bottles also have '70cl 58mm C12173' embossed on them. Any bottle of Glen's Vodka 70cl without this marking is counterfeit.
Genuine Glen's Vodka 70cl labels are applied by a labelling machine using a wet adhesive which produces a distinctive glue pattern on the back of the label (horizontal lines approximately 2mm apart). Labels on the counterfeit bottles appear to be self-adhesive and have no visible glue pattern.
Retailers are being warned not to take unnecessary risks by buying alcohol from unusual sources and to double-check any offers made by unknown company reps. Those who have bought or been offered stock which they suspect is fake are urged provide Trading Standards with the details.