A convenience store in the North-east is hoping to branch out with the launch of its own home-grown apple juice, cider and fruit pies.

Humshaugh Village Shop in Northumberland is planning to lease a plot of land with the aim of establishing its own orchard, which would be run as a community enterprise.

Central to the plans are the setting up of a commercial kitchen in the village hall where the products could be made, store manager Dick Moules told C-Store.

“We’re into local produce in a big way - it’s a real footfall driver and would be even more so if we made the products ourselves. However, as it stands if people want to produce goods for the store in their own homes, their kitchens have to be certified, which can be a bit awkward. This way we could just have the one kitchen where everything could be made,” he said.

The shop has also recently raised funds for an electric vehicle charging point with a view to purchasing a car which could be leased out to local residents and businesses.

It has also set up a heating oil buying group to help locals save on their fuel bills.