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    Rav's Road Trip

    Nisa retailer Rav Garcha goes around the country looking at the best ideas in the convenience store sector and focusing on community, people, technology and sutainability.

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    Rav's Road Trip - Technology

    Budgens retailer Guy Warner tells Rav how he engages with customers online, while Kishor Patel discusses how he utilises iPad technology.

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    Rav's Road Trip - People

    Rav visits the Sewell Group, which was named by The Times as one of the UK’s best employers, and C-Stores sales assistant of the year.

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    Rav's Road Trip - Sustainability

    Rav learns about Andrew Thornton’s Budgens rooftop garden and Dee Sedani’s energy-efficient chillers on his quest for sustainability.

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    Taming the beast - How to use social media


    Richard Sedley of online media agency Foviance discusses how to make the most of social media.

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    Knight’s Budgens of Hassocks

    Convenience Retailer of the Year, David Knight, takes C-Store editor David Rees on a guided tour of his Sussex store.