Raj Tugnait emailed in sympathy over the story about Mahmed Dilloo (C-Store, February 9), whose organic bread supplier quit after 22 years to concentrate on the multiples.
"His plight is an all-too familiar story and another example of an independent retailer becoming a victim of the purchasing power of the multiples," he writes.
However, Raj is not a retailer. He is, in fact, managing director of Country Choice and a dab hand at spotting a marketing opportunity. He suggests that Mahmed installs an in-store bakery. "Freshly baked bread is a real draw and there is nothing to stop him from running his own in-store bakery offering a wide range including organic breads. The organic stone-baked bloomer is our top line in hundreds of c-stores."
He makes another good selling point. "We could point Mahmed in the direction of hundreds of retailers who are now their own baker and as a result enjoy greater profit margins than they ever did having their bread delivered. And by offering bread baked in-store, they have created a real point of difference that fuels both footfall and basket spend."
Enough already. Like all good ads, this one's making me hungry.