Under Age Sales has introduced a new qualification in Preventing Under Age Sales in Scotland.

Launched at the Scottish Grocers Federation Retail Crime Conference, the fully-accredited Scottish vocational qualification covers all age-restricted sales laws, from alcohol and tobacco, to fireworks and knives.

The qualification adopts a flexible learning approach that helps retailers gain the skills and understanding to follow point-of-sale procedures for age-restricted products, and is conducted in store or by distance learning.

It is written for Scotland, applying the specific requirements of Scottish law.

Tony Allen, managing director of Under Age Sales, said: “The launch of this qualification, tailored specifically for Scottish retailers, marks the culmination of a lot of hard work to produce a robust training module which will make it much easier for those on the front line in the industry to be sure they’re protecting minors from coming into contact with age restricted products.

“The training not only acts as a means of upskilling retailers who wish to make the Scottish retail industry a safe but thriving sector, but will also help to protect them from the risk of being fined, should they or a member of their staff, ever inadvertently sell alcohol or tobacco to under age customers. For a small, independent business, this is significant.

“We’re keen to hear from Scottish retailers who wish to actively undertake this training, and hope it comes as a welcome introduction to the retail industry as a whole.”